Sherri Naumann, a Family member, received the Iron Mike Gold Star for her volunteer work as a Family Readiness Group advisor July 30 at the Fort Bragg Officers Club.

It is the highest honor given to volunteers on Fort Bragg.

“Wherever the Army sends my husband I try to jump in with two feet and be available however I can help,” said Naumann “Volunteering is just my small way that I feel like I can give back to Fort Bragg and the Soldiers who give so much to us.”

With three children, two dogs and multiple volunteering obligations, Naumann pays close attention to how she manages her time.

“It’s hard to balance it all,” said Naumann. “I’ve learned some hard lessons about balancing my Family versus my volunteer work. My number one rule is I do everything all during the day. I try to limit my things in the evenings so I can focus on my Family.”

Even under a tight schedule, Naumann does make time for herself.

“I make it a priority to go to the gym everyday,” said Naumann. “Sometimes it’s right after I drop my kids off at school, at lunchtime or in the evenings, but I make sure I give myself time to workout. That’s how I help me be me.”

While passionate about volunteering, Naumann doesn’t do it for the recognition. She understands that with every hour she gives of her time, she is saving Fort Bragg money. Naumann wants to convey the importance of volunteers keeping track of their time.

“A lot people think that those who log their hours are only doing it for the recognition,” said Naumann. “That is not the reason at all. We are actually giving the installation money by volunteering our time.”

“When a general at a banquet tells us how much money volunteering saved the installation, that really hits home,” she added.

Naumann volunteers to give back, but also takes pride in helping others find success through volunteering.

“Please do it, (volunteer)” said Naumann.  The way it makes you feel and the smiles on Soldiers’ faces when they see you are there and feel your support makes it worth it. You would be surprised at the way volunteering makes you.”