By virtue of her father, Ludwig, Ingeborg Nemeth was a military Family member of World War II. As a little girl growing up in Germany, she said she remembers her father leaving for war and never returning.

His absence was a presence in her life.

As fate would have it, Nemeth would go on to become the wife of an Army officer and immigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Rockfish, N.C., a community in Hoke County.

But, the young girl who lost her father to war never seemed to forget the Soldiers who still go off to war and put themselves in harm’s way never to return to their Families again.

Because of that loss, Nemeth, 68, composes music and sells CDs and donates proceeds to wounded warriors.

It is important to give back to others, she said.

“We are just a short while here and we give it all to God,” Nemeth said. “All my life, this is how we are raised — we are not rich, but we are Christian and we should all share.”

Her music is mostly about the lives of Soldiers and their Family members. It’s about one goodbye too many.

“You are an American Soldier in the war/Be brave and pray that you come home safe again/We need you home from war/We miss and love you so,” sings Nemeth in a mezzo-soprano voice, which lies somewhere between soprano and contralto.

The music, she hopes, will give comfort to Soldiers and to those who love them.

Not only does Nemeth sing, but she also paints, using linseed oil and egg yolk to create landscapes, still life and portraits.

“I like this one very, very much,” she said. “I had never seen Indians, (but I) went to Cherokee and to reservations in Tennessee.”

She took the memory of her father and put it to song.

“Creative people, we live on emotion,” smiles Nemeth.

She said she eats raw carrots every day just to be able to still see the trees, the birds, the sky clearly; to not overlook nature or be underwhelmed by its beauty.

“God gave us this (universe) completely for free. We just need to learn to see,” she said.

As 68 years settles over her life, Nemeth is not reticent to give her age.

“I’m so active. I make sport and I eat well and I have nothing to hide with my age — be thankful to God that I am here and with my artwork, I make happy,” said Nemeth, her accent still resonating her German background.

The road from there to America was paved by the service of Nemeth’s late husband, but her future contributions to American Soldiers rests on the lilt of her voice.

For information about purchasing CDs, contact Nemeth through her website at

“I really want to give happiness to people,” she said.