Three weeks ago, I introduced the concept of the Army’s Ready, Resilient, and Army Strong campaign in this forum. This is the Army’s strategic effort to provide holistic care to our military members, Families and Army civilians. The last two issues of the Paraglide have provided detailed information about domestic violence and behavioral health — two pillars of the Ready, Resilient and Army Strong campaign. Today I want to emphasize how to fully leverage these programs.

The first step towards being Ready, Resilient and Army Strong is knowledge of the extensive programs and expertise available at Fort Bragg, and how to access these resources. I encourage our leaders to remain engaged and informed in this effort, and help educate our servicemembers, their Families and our Department of Defense civilian workforce about the number of services available to us in the Fort Bragg community.

Domestic Violence

We have several programs at Fort Bragg that support the awareness and prevention of domestic violence. These programs include support groups for young parents, reintegration programs for Families experiencing deployment and redeployment-related stress, marital and premarital counseling, and programs on anger management, dating violence, and gender issues. The programs are accessible through the Fort Bragg Family Advocacy Program, located on the 3rd floor of the Soldier Support Center or at 396-5521 and on the web at

Behavioral Health

If you or someone you know is struggling with a behavioral health issue, help them connect with the many support programs available at Fort Bragg. Meeting with a Military Family Life Counselor, a personal fitness trainer or one of our behavioral health services specialists is a good starting point. Military OneSource (800-342-9647/ and your primary care physician can also help address behavioral health needs. This month, we’ve began a phased process to emplace embedded behavioral health teams within our units across the installation. In the same manner that units maintain physician assistants to help prevent injury or illness, units will soon have access to embedded behavioral health teams to provide responsive support to our military members. For more information on the embedded behavioral health team program, please call Womack Army Medical Center at 907-6000.

We are committed to providing our servicemembers, Families and Army civilians with world-class care and resources to enable healthy, happy and successful lives. Key to the success of this campaign is our engaged leaders who understand our programs and responsively connect our service members, Families and DoD civilians in need to the right support. Working together, we will improve the overall health of our force, and ensure we’re ready for our nation’s future demands.

In the coming weeks, look for more information and assistance for service members, Families and DoD civilians as we highlight each component of the Army’s Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign.