The Department of the Army and Installation Management Command have announced eligible surviving Family members (who have no other means to gain access to Army installations) can now apply for Gold Star installation access cards.

The eligible survivor can use this government issued card as a method to identify themselves as an Army Gold Star Family member(s) and/or to facilitate access to Army installations for services and support. This card may not grant them access to Air Force, Navy or Marine bases.

If the survivor lives in North Carolina, Fort Bragg Survivor Outreach Services has sent additional information to eligible survivors to facilitate acquisition of their Gold Star installation access card along with an application. The Gold Star installation access card is valid for two years from the date of issue. Upon expiration, they may reapply for the installation access card by completing a new application and background check.

Current Department of the Defense physical access control policy requires everyone seeking entrance to a military installation to stop at the gate and present a government issued photo identification. The Gold Star installation access card will serve as the survivorís local access credential in accordance with DoD security standards. It is intended solely for recognition and access purposes ó it cannot grant additional entitlements or privileges such as post exchange or commissary.

The DoD uses force protection conditions to identify and recommend preventive actions and responses to threats against personnel and facilities. For eligible survivors safety, if the FPCON is elevated to a higher threat level for any reason, they will not be allowed onto the installation.

For more information about the Gold Star installation access card, please contact Fort Bragg Survivor Outreach Services at 396-0384.