We are well into our Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign, which is designed to help Soldiers and Families through increased education and access to appropriate resources. Each week since the beginning of the year we have highlighted a specific area of the campaign in hopes of outfitting and assisting our Soldiers and Families as they tackle the many challenges they face both at work and at home.

The Army recognizes that the abuse of alcohol and the use of illegal drugs by military and civilian personnel are inconsistent with the high standards of performance, discipline and readiness necessary to accomplish our mission. Substance abuse has no place in our Army and will not be tolerated. ASAP provides our leaders and Soldiers with effective prevention, educational services to help eliminate substance abuse within our ranks.

ASAP is a commander’s program designed to monitor and improve the personnel readiness of our Soldiers. The mission of ASAP is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s workforce, to conserve manpower and to enhance the combat readiness of our Soldiers. Just like Soldiers ensure the combat readiness of their vehicles and weapon systems by frequent, recurring preventive maintenance checks and services performed to standard, ASAP helps to ensure the combat readiness of our most important combat system — our Soldiers.

Simply stated, ASAP is a PMCS of your Soldiers.

ASAP objectives include:

Increase individual fitness and overall unit readiness.
  Provide services that are proactive and responsive to the needs of the Army´s workforce and emphasize alcohol and other drug abuse deterrence, prevention, education and rehabilitation.
  Implement alcohol and other drug risk reduction and prevention strategies that respond to potential problems before they jeopardize readiness, productivity and careers.
  Restore to duty those substance-impaired Soldiers who have the potential for continued military service.
  Provide effective alcohol and other drug abuse prevention and education at all levels of command, and encourage commanders to provide alcohol and drug-free leisure activities.
  Ensure all personnel assigned to ASAP staff are appropriately trained and experienced to accomplish their missions.
  Achieve maximum productivity and reduce absenteeism and attrition among civilian corps members by reducing the effects of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  Improve readiness by extending services to the Soldiers, civilian corps members, and Family members.

It is our job to ensure our Army Family is armed with the tools necessary to maintain personal resiliency and readiness in the face of adversity. ASAP resources will continue to focus on resiliency, readiness and positive life-coping skills in an effort to not only lower incidents of substance abuse, but to enhance the quality of life for our entire Army community.

For more information on ASAP and additional resources, go to the Army’s official ASAP website at www.acsap.army.mil. For questions or concerns here at Fort Bragg, contact the installation ASAP office at 396-4100, or you may visit the Fort Bragg ASAP website at www.bragg.army.mil/directorates/HR/ASAP.