Call me old fashioned, but all these new advances in technology are becoming more of a nuisance than anything. I was just recently on a date with a younger woman and all she did was text. It was very annoying trying to hold a conversation with her while she texted a mile a minute. Iíd like to give her another shot, but can I confront her on this texting issue without messing up a possible relationship?

Text Blocked

Dear Blocked,

Now, there does need to be some lines drawn. For instance, you shouldnít be texting while in conversation. Itís just rude. I have multiple friends who will stop talking to answer a text, heck, Iíve even caught myself doing it. I mean, what is the other person supposed to do while you quickly text out your reply? Keep talking or politely wait? But why does he or she have to be polite when the other isnít?

So my advice? Ask her who sheís talking to. If itís important, sheíll tell you whatís going on. If she doesnít, well, we donít want a relationship with someone who canít share their personal life.

Start the relationship right by being truthful in the beginning. You donít want to build a relationship on lies and thinking everything is hunky-dory then BANG! The relationship goes south due to the growing annoyance over her phone etiquette, or lack thereof. Fix it now or let her go.