SAN ANTONIO — Army installations will continue to hire the critical career fields from firefighters to child-care workers said Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter, commanding general U.S. Army Installation Command, Wednesday.

Headquarters, Department of the Army provided guidance regarding a department-wide hiring freeze and release of term and temporary civilian personnel. Authority to approve exceptions to the hiring freeze is delegated to commanders of Army commands, Army service component commands, direct reporting units and the administrative assistant to the secretary of the Army for Headquarters, DA and its field operating and staff support agencies. The above authority delegates hiring authority to the IMCOM commanding general.

“I am authorizing the hiring to continue in the following program areas to ensure we continue to provide programs and services in support of critical missions, national security, safety of human life and the protection of private property,” Ferriter said.

Garrisons have approval to hire firefighters, security guards, civilian police, air traffic controllers, lifeguards, sexual harassment/assault response and prevention program staff (permanent and term), Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program counselors and, Child, Youth and School Services staff in accordance with hiring guidelines.

“Because of the important nature of installation management business, we will review hiring requests at each garrison and can make additional approvals to ensure critical missions continue. We have spoken with every garrison commander or deputy and command sergeant major in IMCOM this week to ensure they understand the importance our mission. Army leadership remains committed to providing the best possible support to Soldiers, Families, civilians and our Soldiers for life,” emphasized Ferriter.