My son is having a hard time getting used to my boyfriend. Weíve been seeing each other for over six months and are beginning to get more serious. My son and his father continue to have a strong relationship and no matter what my boyfriend does, he canít connect with my son. What can I do to help?

Momma in the Middle

Dear Momma,

How does your son act around your boyfriend? Is he rude or is he just non-responsive? If heís non-responsive, give him time.

But I do understand that your sonís behavior plays a huge part in your relationship. You canít really go into a serious relationship if your son isnít aboard. Have you talked with your son and asked why he doesnít give your boyfriend a chance? What about your ex-husband? Is your relationship with him still strong enough to ask him if your son has talked to him about your new boyfriend? Your son may be secretly wishing that his father and you get back together again.

I donít know how old your son is, but I assume heíll eventually realize whatís going on and that he either has to accept it or not.

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