The Fort Bragg casualty assistance officer and casualty notification officer training schedule for the first quarter fiscal year 2016 is as follows:

Class number:

01-16, Tuesday to Thursday

02-16, Oct. 20 to 22

03-16, Nov. 3 to 5

04-16, Nov. 17 to 19

05-16, Dec. 1 to 3

To attend this training personnel must be officers (captain or above), warrant officer (chief warrant 2 or above) or enlisted (sergeant first class or above).

Personnel are slotted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All major commands must provide an attendance roster to Donell Bowser (Casualty Assistance Center) seven working days before class start date.

All Soldiers will report to Building 4-2843 (Soldier Support Center), Normandy Drive, Room B-A-1 (McArthur Lake classroom).

In-processing will start at 8:30 a.m. Soldiers must be present throughout the entire training and pass two written test in order to received CNO/CAO certification.

For more information, contact the Casualty Assistance Center, Donell Bowser, at 432-7262 or email him at