U.S. Army Reserve Family Programs is updating the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center services telephone number to 1-844-ONE-FAMY, scheduled to go live Dec. 1, continuing to connect Soldiers and Families with the right service at the right time.

While maintaining the same 24/7, 365-days availability to resources, the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center services update to the new 1-844-ONE-FAMY may allow for easier memorization and retention.

The number change will not impact access to services and Families and Soldiers are encouraged to continue to call for program questions, during crisis and for general information.

“We are committed to being here for Soldiers and Families as we transition to the new 1-844-ONE-FAMY number. It is important that they know the previous Fort Family Outreach and Support Center services number will continue to work in addition, for the next year,” said Paulla Conant, Soldier Support Division chief, Army Reserve Family Programs.

More about Army Reserve Family Programs

Army Reserve Family Programs is focused on enhancing the readiness and resilience of Army Reserve Soldiers, Family members, command teams and civilians. ARFP responds, connects, refers and provides resources in the communities of the geographically dispersed Army Reserve Family, including those called to active duty.

ARFP established the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center as the Army Reserve’s home for Family programs, providing a single gateway to responsive Family crisis assistance, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are several programs, services, and opportunities encompassed in ARFP including the Fort Family Outreach and Support Center, Child, Youth and School Services, Survivor Outreach Services, Army Family Team Building, Army Family Action Plan, and Training and Volunteer opportunities.


For more information about ARFP, please contact Capt. Chad M. Nixon, deputy Media Relations, U.S. Army Reserve Command Public Affairs Office, phone number 570-8336, or email chad.m.nixon.mil@mail.mil.