How much is time worth?

Well, Fort Bragg volunteers saved the installation nearly $15.7 million in 2015.

“That’s a pretty significant figure,” Col. Brett T. Funck, Fort Bragg Garrison commander, told volunteers being recognized at the quarterly Iron Mike Award for Volunteer Service ceremony, July 27. The ceremony was facilitated by Installation Volunteer Services, Army Community Service.

“If you look at what you’re getting awards for — from schools to youth activities, to Scouts, and to sports — those are all the things that are important. (These things) are not only to making sure that we’ve got that key word called readiness, but it’s back to making sure that our Families are strong and that we have activities and we are actually developing our future leaders in this country,” Funck said.

Awards were presented as follows:

Iron Mike lapel pin for a minimum of 300 hours

Iron Mike Bronze Star for at least 500 hours

Iron Mike Silver Star, a minimum of 750 hours

Iron Mike Gold Star for at least 1000 hours

Master Sgt. Cain Hill, of the 528th Sustainment Brigade, received an Iron Mike pin for his work as a volunteer counselor with the installation’s Financial Readiness Program, ACS.

“I feel honored because I’ve done a lot of volunteer work outside of this and I haven’t always been recognized,” he said. “I think it’s going to inspire me to do more volunteer work.”

Sgt. Joshua Takacs, also a Fort Bragg Soldier, agreed.

“It’s pretty awesome that they (Army Community Service) do something for Soldiers who are trying to do something (positive),” said Takacs, who volunteers with the girls’ softball team at Shughart Middle School.

Though volunteers are reviewed based on the number of hours, they earn the award based on the total impact the volunteer has on an organization and on the installation, explained Cathy Mansfield, Volunteer Services coordinator.

The time that volunteers commit is important to the installation and to Families as a whole, said Funck.

“We look forward to continuing this program,” he added.

Fort Bragg’s volunteer program office is located at the Soldier Support Center, Building 4-2843 Normandy Drive. For more information, call 396-8160 or visit