During this time of year Santa is busier than usual. He has toys to deliver and more lists to check than he can handle.

In an effort to do my part and enhance my chances of remaining on Santaís nice list, Iíve decided to help organize Santaís nice and naughty sportís rivalries list. This is my list of rivalries of nice and naughty sports rivalries.

Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

Even if you arenít a baseball maniac (like me), this is a rivalry that still gets the blood pumping. While the Yankees have struggled to remain a competitive team this year, games between these two teams are still a good, old fashion grudge match. What makes this rivalry good is both organizations spend money just to make each other mad about what the other is doing. While the Yankees slumped this year, they have already begun shoveling money to the disgust of Red Sox nation. This stays on Santaís nice list.

Ohio State University vs. Michigan University

This is one of college footballs great rivalries but alas, it has broken one of the golden rules. Thereís not been enough competition between the schools. The Wolverines are the red-headed stepchildren of the Buckeyes. They have only won once in the last 11 contests. While there is no love lost between the two schools, there needs to be some parity. If losing builds character, the Wolverines have plenty. Until this rivalry finds some balance, itís too hard to watch. This rivalry goes on Santaís naughty list.

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill vs. Duke University

The reigning king of all college rivalries has everything. Only eight miles separate these two colleges, but both have legendary coaches and ravenous fan bases. Neither university wants to ever lose to the other and that makes this rivalry special. The dislike crosses over to all sports in which the two programs compete. The Tar Heelsí chess team could win a tournament against Duke and there would be celebrating in the streets. While Santaís not a big fan of bragging, he does enjoy a certain amount of banter. This rivalry remains on Santaís nice list.

Tiger Woods vs. the field

While Tiger still has won more tournaments than any other single golfer last year, he has yet to get back to bringing home majors. Since his 2011 injury, Woods has not claimed a title. At age 37, Woods has plenty of time to recapture his dominance over the field. While the golfing world no longer fears Woods the way it did earlier in his career, he is still the golfer to beat during any competition. The sport needs more than Woods to dominate. This rivalry goes on Santaís naughty list.

Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys

Just the history of this rivalry is enough to make it one of the best ever. Though the Redskins are struggling this year, it doesnít take away the competitive nature. No player from either team ever wants to be the cause of a loss in this rivalry. While I get the sense that this rivalry has lost some of itís pizzazz, it is still a good one. It may not be as good as it once was, but it is still very heated. This rivalry remains on Santaís nice list.

Iíve helped Santa as best I could, but alas, I donít have what it takes to decide every rivalryís fate. These are just a few. My small part to help pass along the Christmas spirit.