I wanted to take a moment to recognize and honor all of you for your dedication and service to our nation with the holiday season upon us and the end of another wonderful year approaching.  In this most joyful time of the year, let us be grateful for our Families and camaraderie while remembering those who are serving far from home, sacrificing and protecting our freedom so we might experience the full enjoyment of the holiday season.  As Soldiers from our very own units throughout the XVIII Airborne Corps prepare to deploy, let us bask in the moment, savoring this time with those we love.  Let us treasure this season of joy in the honor and memory of our Fallen Comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice, extending words of comfort and appreciation to their Families and reminding them that we will never forget.  Let us live, laugh, love and be merry.  Happy Holidays to you and your Family!  All of our heartfelt wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.