I do not completely understand this walking your child to school instead of driving them to keep down traffic. We live just under a mile and because my child can’t walk alone, I have to walk about four miles each day. I have a bum knee and can’t move like I used to before injuring it. So, I can either wait in traffic to drop my kid off or walk four miles every day — risking my health. What gives? Can’t Fort Bragg get a carpool together or something?

Non-walking momma

Dear Momma,

• Drive your kid to and from school

• Walk your kid to and from school

• Walk your kid in the morning, pick him up via car in the afternoon or vice versa

• Make a carpool/walking group with your neighbors – take turns

• Ride bikes

You don’t need to always walk him or her, you can alternate and the suggestion wasn’t an order. But walking a few miles a day might actually help your “bum knee” ... just a thought. It was simply suggested that because of a high number of complaints about traffic, walking your child to school was one solution. Hope this helps you out a little.

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