The Womack Health and Support Center is scheduled to open April 4. The new facility sets the stage for the beginning phase of the Womack Army Medical Center Expansion Project and will replace the old department of behavioral health located on the 6th floor in WAMC.

“This building was funded by a ‘Grow the Army Program’ planned to move behavioral health and resource management into this building,” said Col. Steven J. Brewster, the Womack Army Medical Center commander.

The $17 million, 63,500 square-foot building, located on the All-American Expressway side of WAMC, will house the behavioral health department, the social work department and Womack’s Directorate of Business Operations. The services provided at the WHSC will include outpatient behavioral health clinics, social work and Family advocacy services.

The three-story brick building mimics the look of the WAMC, but its north side is made of windows allowing patients to see the garden areas and wetlands outside the clinic.

“The design of this new building will hopefully create a more relaxing atmosphere for patients and staff members, so it isn’t so clinical,” said Kathie Harris, the health systems administrator.

The facility consists of three separate floors on which Family members, Soldiers and the DBO services will be located respectively.

“The clinic has 255 rooms,” said Brewster. “There are 61 treatment rooms in the behavioral health clinic, 31 in the social work clinic and the DBO and Uniform Business Office have 58 combined offices between the two departments.”

Once the clinic is in full operation, it will service Soldiers from 82nd Airborne Division and other neighboring units.

“The building is a wonderful addition to Womack Army Medical Center and is co-located on our campus,” said Brewster. “It is a state of the art building that will enhance our efforts with patient care.”

The clinic will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. walk-ins are welcome.