This week, as part of our ongoing Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign, I would like to focus on sponsorship. Military moves can be challenging for Soldiers, Families and civilians. Through the Total Army Sponsorship Program, the Army reinforces its commitment of taking care of its own, but it still takes an effective sponsor who is committed to welcoming and integrating newcomers into our community.

Sponsorship starts long before the newcomer arrives at Fort Bragg. Sponsors act as a link between the incoming Soldier, Family or civilian and their new unit as well as the entire Fort Bragg community. For this reason, it is important to match up the sponsor with the incoming service member, as closely as possible, ensuring they are the same rank and gender, and have the same marital status whenever possible.

A newcomerís perception of their newly assigned installation is largely based upon first impressions. As a TASP sponsor, you have a direct impact on these impressions, so it is important that you show our new arrivals all the wonderful opportunities offered here.

There are certain actions that must be completed, even as early as when a servicememberís name shows on your unitís gains roster for assignment to Fort Bragg. Once the servicemember arrives at Fort Bragg, additional actions must be completed during the in-processing phase and even more requirements must be met once the servicemember arrives and is integrated into the unit.

The Army Community Servicesí Relocation Readiness Program offers sponsorship training, covering these actions and paving the way for a smooth, seamless transition to Fort Bragg. These classes are held at the All American Conference Room, Room 149, at Gavin Hall. To register, call 432-4676. Additionally TASP training is available at

To assist you with providing the most valuable and relevant information and support, there are several resources that can help.

Welcome packets to Fort Bragg are available at ACSís Relocation Readiness Program office and can also be ordered online. They contain valuable information on Fort Bragg and the surrounding communities and come in convenient packets that can be shipped to incoming service members and Families well in advance. Go to for more information and to request a Fort Bragg welcome packet.

Sponsorship is also about the arriving Family members. Military Youth on the Move is wonderful for newcomers who have children. It is designed especially for children to lessen the fears and anxieties associated with moving, going to a new school, making new friends and starting out fresh. The website for Military Youths on the Move is located at

Army Regulation 600-8-8, Army Executive Order 018-12 and Army Installation Management Commandís Operations Order 12-065 are the Armyís official repository for information and policies regarding TASP. At Fort Bragg, more information is available by contacting your unit sponsorship coordinator at the battalion or brigade level or the Fort Bragg TASP Liaison Office at 396-0273. The TASP Liaison Officeís email is

A proactive, caring and effective sponsorship program leads to unit cohesiveness and mission success. We all need to give way together and assist in this great program and welcome newly assigned Soldiers and their Families to the military center of the universe in a first class manner.

Remember, the strength of our Army is our Soldiers and their Families.

Army Strong Ö All The Way!