Soldiers of the 519th Military Intelligence Battalion conducted a multi-disciplined intelligence training exercise Sept. 1 to 20 in several training areas on Fort Bragg.

The exercise prepared the Thunder Battalion to execute their mission of downward reinforcement of intelligence capabilities to divisions and brigade combat teams.

The training event involved companies A, B and C, of the 519th MI Bn. simulating intelligence missions in an operational environment.

The battalion level exercise, “Super Cell,” demonstrated how an intelligence support package could be trained to provide a tailored and scalable intelligence capability to maneuver commanders reinforcing its organic intelligence capacity.

“We’re creating an intelligence support package which is a ‘menu of options’ consisting of an array of capabilities found within 519th MI Battalion,” said Maj. Courtney Jones, 519th MI Bn. executive officer. “This menu of options gives (commanders) the flexibility to augment their collection assets with our reinforcement capabilities.”

The menu of options consisted of a processing, exploitation, and dissemination capability, multifunction team, counter and human intelligence collection assets.

The ISP contains an essential intelligence collection capability — a maneuver a commander requires to execute effective intelligence operations in today’s operational environment.

“The ISP is intended to fill an intelligence capability gap identified by the maneuver commander,” said Maj. Marcus O’Neal, 519th MI Bn. operations officer.  “In order to properly train the ISP and have it available to support at a moment’s notice, we have developed a four-phase sustainable readiness model consisting of prepare, train, validate and ready phases.”

The training phase involves an event with several unit elements.

“The training phase within the SRM allows us to conduct training over a 15-week period that concludes with a culminating training event involving both line companies and battalion headquarters staff ,” said O’Neal.

The 519th MI Bn.’s exercises are geared toward placing Soldiers in realistic training environments consistent with scenarios present in combat environments brigade combat teams encounter throughout the world.

Thunder Soldiers transition to the validation phase at the completion of the training phase and prepare to integrate with a maneuver unit at combat training center.

Soldiers from 519th MI Bn. are currently preparing to integrate with 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division in support of their rotation.

Thunder Soldiers will complete additional training requirements before transitioning to the ready phase where they will remain for the next 15 weeks, fully prepared to rapidly deploy in support of combat operations.