The United States Army Parachute Team Golden Knights’ Four-way Formation Skydiving Team excelled in the air and placed sixth overall at the 41st Conseil International du Sport Militaire World Military Parachuting Championship 2017 in Warendorf-Bad Sassendorf, Germany.
This achievement is significant for the USAPT because the new Soldiers on the four-way competition team have only been training together for five short months.
But, through determination, they achieved a 189 point total in eight rounds with an average score of 23.6, surpassing 21 other nations. This outstanding performance once again demonstrated to fellow international contenders that the Golden Knights four-way competition team is seeking to dominate the skies both nationally and internationally for years to come.
“This year’s CISM (International Military Sports Council) was an excellent experience for the new team. We’ll be training hard and looking forward to next year,” said team leader, Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Ray.
The scoring begins on exit with four-way teams having 35 seconds to complete five sequential geometric free fall formations.
If the jumpers complete all five boxes and have time remaining they repeat the formation until time expires.
The team that completes the most formations for a fixed number of rounds wins.
Members of the Golden Knights four-way Formation Team consist of Sergeants 1st Class Ryan Ray, Jonathan Clevenger, Justin Little, team videographer, Staff Sgt. Nicholas Birkner and Spc. Ethan Tamez.
Serving under the United States Army Marketing and Research Group and the United States Army Marketing and Engagement Brigade, the Golden Knights are stationed at Fort Bragg. The team has a threefold mission:

Support the Army’s marketing and recruiting mission by performing live parachute demonstrations in front of millions of Americans and telling the Army story around the world. Conduct tandem jumps for centers of influence as part of the Army’s strategic outreach program; compete and win in national and international parachuting competitions exhibiting the “Warrior Ethos.”  Provide technical expertise in support of military free fall programs; and further parachuting research and development to enhance the Army’s overall combat readiness.