During Right Arm Night, rank and station cease to matter and the folks in charge can socialize with the ones they rely on every day. On Aug. 10, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation and Sports USA hosted Fort Bragg’s most recent Right Arm Night, which is a quarterly occurrence at Fort Bragg.
First to arrive were members of 3rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, led by their new chief of staff Col. James Rupkalvis.
Rupkalvis was a driving factor of the unit’s attendance and cited his 27 years of service as a reason for his connection to military traditions such as Right Arm Night. He explained that it is important to step away from the office, get to know one another and build unit cohesion through events like Right Arm Night.
“Events like this are more informal. I mean when does a captain get to shoot darts with a colonel,” asked Capt. Aaron Zelek, 330th Transportation Battalion, 3rd ESC.
“It is a good opportunity to meet people,” he said.
Each quarter the Right Arm Night event is sponsored by a different brigade, and each brigade helps to create a different kind of social experience.
The Aug. 10 event was sponsored by the 18th Field Artillery Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, who organized a trivia game show designed for each branch to compete and requiring junior officers to help decide the outcome of the game in the event of a tie.
A giveaway was also conducted by Dell Military. Maj. Adrian Outlaw, 18th Field Artillery Brigade, XVIII Abn. Corps, won the prize drawing and took home a brand-new Xbox One.