Supervisors and employees from Fort Bragg and the surrounding Fayetteville community were invited to learn about Religion in the Federal Workplace, Aug. 23.
Two training sessions were held at Iron Mike Conference Center, one in the morning for supervisory attendees, and one in the afternoon for non-supervisory attendees.
Oliver C. Allen Jr., an Army veteran with over 28 years of leadership and training experience, led the training.
“I do 20 percent lecture and 80 percent of the work is done by the group,” said Oliver C. Allen Jr.
The training is a collaborative effort between three Fort Bragg commands: U.S. Army Forces Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Army Installation Management Command, explained Anthony Fuller, special emphasis programs manager, Equal Employment Opportunities specialist, USASOC.
One participant explained he was attending the training for personal and professional development.
“I just came down to get some different equal opportunity training, to be a better leader,” said a Fort Bragg Soldier.
Key topics included understanding Islamophobia and its impact, the legal definition of religion, understanding of religious expression and requirements and best practices for religious accommodations.
Allen explained that he would like for attendees to come away not only with an understanding of regulations, but a better understanding of mutual respect for their coworkers.
“What I want people to understand, (is) it’s not about rules and regulations, we have to have them, it’s about the decency and respect we have for each other as human beings. If we could do that all these rules, all these congressional acts, would not be necessary. Just treat everyone decently.”