Fort Bragg’s Army Community Service and Child and Youth Services have partnered with Lenovo, a computer manufacturing company, and Kramden, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides technology tools, to distribute free, refurbished desktop computers to school-aged children.
Applications are being accepted for the distribution of about 200 computers to students in grades kindergarten through 12 to assist them with school work, said Lynn Olavarria, Fort Bragg Financial Readiness Program manager, ACS.
This is the sixth time that Fort Bragg has been contacted to distribute computers to youth, she said. Military Families of active-duty service members, retirees or survivors who are interested in participating must complete an application by Nov. 10.
The applications will be reviewed by Olavarria and by Gerhard Guevarra, a school liaison officer, Fort Bragg School Support Services. SLOs help connect parents and students with resources that strengthen their education experience.
According to Olavarria, Families will be notified by Nov. 17 if the application has been accepted and given information about picking up the computer.
The giveaway is important for school-aged children because it is “done in support of school work,” Olavarria said.
Additionally, having computers in the home provide a way for children to connect with deployed service members.
Applications may be picked up at the front desk of ACS or through a CYS school liaison officer, said Olavarria.
Both administrative offices are located in the Soldier Support Center (2843 Normandy Dr.).
Applications are also available online at