Commissary shoppers will soon have a new option to pay for groceries.
Fort Bragg’s North and South Commissaries will begin accepting the Military Star card Oct. 26.
The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act requires all commissaries to begin accepting the Military Star card. The Military Star card will be accepted at all commissaries beginning with Fort Lee, Virginia in early October and worldwide by mid-November.
The acceptance of the Military Star card at commissaries will expand benefits for cardholders, allowing them to earn rewards faster while helping support their military communities. Focus groups conducted by a third party found that military shoppers want the ability to use Military Star at the commissary.
This expansion is a win-win as customers will be able to earn points on their grocery purchases, earning $20 rewards even faster while still enjoying industry leading fair and flexible credit terms.
The military community will benefit as a significant portion of Military Star earnings support military Quality-of-Life programs such as Army Child Development Centers, Youth Services and fitness centers, Air Force Outdoor Recreation services, overseas school lunches and other programs critical to force readiness and resiliency.
This expansion demonstrates the Exchange’s commitment to increase the card’s usability across the entire military community.
There is no additional fee for current Military Star cardholders to use their card at the commissary on or after Oct. 26.
However, customers cannot apply for the card at a commissary.
To apply, they can visit their local exchange, or they can apply online at
Military Star cardholders are automatically enrolled in the Military Star Rewards Program, which is the Exchange Credit Program’s way of thanking the military community.
Customers earn two points for every dollar they spend on their Military Star card, including purchases at the commissary and automatically receive a $20 rewards card after every 2,000 points.
Rewards cards can be redeemed anywhere exchange gift cards are accepted, including any exchange location and online at and at Commissaries do not accept exchange gift cards or reward cards at this time.
There is no limit to how many rewards cards customers can earn.
For more information on the changes, visit