Story and photos by Emily Sussman
The 98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne), 95th Civil Affairs Brigade (Airborne) Family Readiness Group hosted a Day in the Life of a Soldier event at the Leadership Reaction Course near Pike Field, on Friday. Families of the 98th CA Btn., (A), 95th CA Bde. (A), were invited to participate in activities that their Soldiers complete, and make friends in the process.
The LRC involved four obstacles of varying difficulty and 98th CA Btn., (A), 95th CA Bde. (A), Family members were asked to work together as a team to solve complex puzzles.
Each obstacle provided limited tools, such as a rope, a plank of wood, and simulated demo charges, to be used for completion of the assigned task and certain limitations on the negotiation of the obstacle.
All participants were required to move from one end of each obstacle to the other as a team without touching designated areas, without jumping or falling on the ground surrounding the obstacle and leaving no simulated Soldier behind.
Participants were allotted 18 minutes to complete each obstacle.
Even with multiple tries and a little assistance from their Soldiers, Family members had a hard time completing each obstacle, but they persisted and worked together.
Despite the challenge, all agreed that at the end of the evening that the event had been hilarious to watch and fun to participate in.
Friday evening’s event was a trial run, laying the foundation for future events.
“For future events, I don’t have anything planned yet, but … we’re doing the LRC again, I want to try to do the rappel tower and then land nav(igation). There would be a Soldier with (Family members),” said Capt. William Hurt, 98th CA Bn., 95th CA Bde. (A).
“A lot of units do a kind of ‘Soldier for a day’ … so we just thought we would start a program like that. We would bring Families and children out to do fun Army-type activities. The Leader Reaction Course seemed like it would probably be a pretty simple thing to start with … fun, but physically and mentally taxing in some ways,” explained Lt. Col James Kievit, 98th CA Bn., 95th CA Bde. (A).
Kievit’s wife, Amelia, and sons J.A.K., 12, and Merritt, 10, participated in every obstacle, climbing, crawling and falling where necessary.
Hurt explained that these events are important to team and Family cohesion as well as helping a Soldier’s Family feel included in what their Soldier’s day is like.
“Some spouses ask, ‘Hey what does my spouse do at work?’ Granted they don’t do an LRC every day, but this is something everyone has to go through for selection. So, it is something we have all had experience with and it’s a good team building, esprit de corps event,” said Hurt.