Tangible, physical and material. Here, each month, we present to you a piece, an artifact of Fort Bragg’s past.
These items are remnants of the Citizen’s Military Training Camp. Pictured are a pin back button, member’s lapel pin, uniform collar disc and shooting qualification badge.
The CMTC program opened at Fort Bragg in 1923 and remained active until 1940. A month in length, CMTC allowed male citizens to gain basic military training without commitment to being called for active duty.
Fort Bragg’s CMTC was a large tent, located at the intersection of Greble Street, now Butner Road, and Reilly Street. The camp, unsurprisingly, focused on artillery training. Briefly made up of three courses, then later, CMTC was comprised of four successive camp curriculums, which could be completed over four summers. Each course was one month long.
The first course, Basic Course, focused on military training, physical development, first aid, personal and camp cleanliness, military courtesy and citizenship studies to name a few subjects. The next course, Red Course, specialized in field artillery and more in-depth coverage of Basic Course topics.
Third was White Course, which furthered field artillery training and cultivated leadership abilities.
Blue Course also furthered training in field artillery, and once completed, a trainee would be fully capable of participating in a field artillery unit.
Young men who successfully completed all four courses, and after some additional training, could qualify for a commission in the Officer’s Reserve Corps.