Fort Bragg honored its most recent success stories during a ceremony at the Family Readiness Group Center, Tuesday.
The installation’s Ten Miler Teams represented their duty station well, with the women’s team placing first, the men’s team taking second and the mixed team finishing sixth overall.
Justin Mitchell, Fort Bragg Garrison deputy commander, praised all three teams during the ceremony.
“You are the example of how to do it right,” he said. “Thank you for your efforts and your diligence.”
Members of the mixed team included Agustin Alva, Joel Rop, Tomasz Kochanowica, Brett Butler, Patrisha O’Toole, Julia FLores, Samone Franzese and Ally Peetz.
The men’s team consisted of Jonathan Cherono, Benjamin Cheruiyot, Gilbert Kemboi, Peter Koskey, Christopher Pedi and Charles Ware.
The championship women’s team included Danielle Evans, Erica Chabalko, Anne Spencer, Chelsea Kim, Amberly Weber, Esther Spradling and Sophia McNally.
This is the fifth time in eight years that the women’s team has placed first, and the team co-coach, McNally, credits their success to flexibility from the women’s units.
With special permission, the team practiced together five days a week, with optional team runs every Saturday.
“We were able to meet daily, which builds teamwork, makes us push each other and makes us better as a team,” McNally explained.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the team conducted track practices or tempo runs, and on Wednesday and Fridays, they mixed it up with cross training that could include swimming, Crossfit or strength training.
McNally said the other members of the team pushed her to do her best.
“It’s just inspiring to see other females get out there and do it.”
Spreading awareness about different Army units and the overall Army story is the key reason McNally enjoys returning to the team year after year.
“You don’t run just for yourself, you run for a bigger, greater picture,” she said.