Recent visitors to Tucker Performance Enhancement Center may have noticed a new addition to the training facility — the Alpha Warrior Training Rig.
The new equipment gives Fort Bragg service members, Families and Department of Defense ID cardholders the ability to work out in a unique environment, said Mike Desmone, chief, Fort Bragg Sports and Fitness.
“The whole thing is to present a different dynamic for strength conditioning and training,” he explained. “It’s designed to be an entire exercise protocol, so ideally you would want groups of Soldiers coming through and going through the different stations.”
Desmone said the premise of the training rig is to offer groups the opportunity to engage in circuit training together.
In addition to the myriad of “obstacles” on the main rig, the training circuit includes several other pieces of equipment, such as Jacob’s Ladders, squat racks, sleds and more.
Sergeants major from across the 82nd Airborne Division were the first to try out the Alpha Warrior Training Rig during a recent physical training session at Tucker PEC.
It was important for senior leadership to try out the new equipment first, explained Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Hockenberry, U.S. Army Installation Command.
“Hopefully when we leave here, the leadership will push their Soldiers to come through here because they’ve already experienced it and feel the benefits from it,” he said.
Hockenberry and a team from Alpha Warrior were at the installation last week to provide demonstrations of the rig and a temporary recovery room set up at Tucker PEC. He said the goal of the training rig was to provide a novel way to complement the current PT doctrine.
“This replicates exactly what Soldiers are doing in combat,” Hockenberry explained. “It’s climbing, it’s pulling, it’s pushing, it’s doing all those things but it’s doing it more in an exciting type of way.”
The Alpha Warrior Training Rig has 37 total obstacles that leaders can configure to meet their needs. Hockenberry emphasized that one of the key aspects of Alpha Warrior regimen is the cognitive portion that requires athletes to think critically about the best way to conquer an obstacle.
Architects created many obstacles on the training rig specifically for military needs, according to Dave Nolan, Alpha Warrior. For example, some hand grips are designed to develop the hand strength needed to grab a fellow service member from a HUMVEE.
Participants in last week’s PT session said the new equipment will “absolutely” benefit their Soldiers.
“What this does is open up your eyes and your mind to other options out there,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Michael D. Green, outgoing command sergeant major, 82nd Abn. Div. “You truly train to be a warrior athlete versus just to be a Soldier.”