There is more than what’s on the internet when it comes to residential properties in the Fort Bragg area. That is why it is important for all Soldiers and Families to visit the Fort Bragg Housing Services Office at the Soldier Support Center before they enter into any sort of housing agreement, said Greg Jackson, chief, Housing Division, Directorate of Public Works.
“There’s so many things we can provide a Soldier to help them that they need other than just what the property looks like and how much it costs,” he said.
All Soldiers assigned to the installation receive an electronic packet from the HSO with attachments about on-post housing, information on Basic Allowance for Housing rates in the area, contact information for local housing and more.
Jackson said it is necessary for Soldiers to go over this information with their Families because housing is one of the most important decisions they will make together. He said it is essential for them to consider things like crime rates, schools and cost of living when determining where to live.
The Fort Bragg HSO can provide housing referral services, information on available properties and can validate permissive temporary duty.
Jackson said he and his staff have relationships with the property managers in the surrounding areas, and can help Soldiers with landlord remediation, if necessary. They receive about 10 off-post complaints a month from Families who say the premises are different than pictures online.
“At that point, sorry, you’re too late,” Jackson said. “If it’s adequate, and a bit smaller than what (they) thought it was or it’s older than (they) thought it was … sorry.”
Jackson explained that this why he always advises Soldiers to visit potential living quarters before signing a lease or purchase agreement. However, his team can go out and inspect properties when they receive complaints.
“It’s always helpful when people know that somebody’s paying attention,” he said. “I have found nothing but a desire to help service members from property managers.”
Before a Soldier puts down a utility deposit, Jackson advises them to come by the HSO.
All service members can open a savings account with the Fort Bragg Credit Union and many local utility companies, such as PWC and Duke Power will waive the security deposit requirement for those individuals who have that account.
Another housing option Families have is living in on-post housing, which is managed by Corvias. The Housing Division works closely with Corvias to ensure Fort Bragg residents’ housing needs are met.
For example, any time there is a request for an exception to the current on-post housing policies, Jackson and his team work with Corvias and the garrison commander to determine the most fair, helpful outcome.
Overall, Jackson said the HSO is there to help.
“We just want you to make an informed choice that ensures the housing success for you and your Family while you are here at Fort Bragg,” he said.
“Not just finding a home, but during the stay. We want it to be successful the whole period, so we are here to support service members in all things housing.”