Fort Bragg’s Equal Employment Opportunity Office hosted an awareness event at Bank Hall, Oct. 19. The event was part of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
“The awareness event is observed so that Americans may reaffirm commitment to ensuring equal opportunity for all citizens and so that they may pay tribute to the accomplishments of men and women with disabilities who contributed, continue to contribute, and wish to contribute to making the nation's economy strong,” explained Rosa Colon, EEO specialist, Fort Bragg Garrison.
The theme of this year’s event was “Inclusion Drives Innovation,” and included a presentation from Michael Young, senior program analyst, Department of Defense Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program.
Young spoke with civilian DoD employees about the importance of understanding all employees’ needs. He advised supervisors to have a discussion with employees who may require additional tools to complete their daily tasks, and emphasized the importance of asking the employee what has and has not worked for them in the past.
“I don’t want to re-create the wheel if someone has already been there and it didn’t work … help them understand the choices so the individual can make the best decision for themselves.”
Colon said the Young’s presentation will benefit those associated with the Army.
“The information provided by Mr. Young provides direct support, free assistive technology and training to wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and federal employees with disabilities within DoD and partnering federal agencies,” she explained.
During the event, attendees also heard remarks from representatives of the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, occupational health, labor attorney, environmental hygiene and Employment Assistance Program.
Colon stressed the importance of awareness events for the Fort Bragg community.
“With growing demand and challenges, it is critical to collaborate and partner with one another as this provides opportunities to capitalize on everyone’s knowledge, skills, resources and experience,” she said. “There are many resources available locally to accommodate an employee, including the Employment Assistance Program, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, Occupational Health, Environmental Hygiene, Army Wellness Center and the Waters Life Center.”
Online accommodation resources include the Job Accommodation Network, or, and the Computers/Electronics Accommodations Program (no cost assistive technology) at