Almost 700 retirees and their Family members visited Womack Army Medical Center, Saturday, as part of Fort Bragg’s Annual Retiree Appreciation Days.
The clinic mall area of the hospital was bustling with activity as retirees underwent oral cancer screenings, received nutrition information, got their eyes and hearing checked, learned about resources available to them and partook in the numerous other services available.
Frank Dupin, a 91-year-old veteran, said this was his first time attending a retiree appreciation event, but he was glad he came and that he even enjoyed giving yoga a try for the first time.
“I got lost on the way here and had to stop and ask for directions because so much has changed here on Fort Bragg,” said Dupin. “It was nice to come back and have so many people available to answer my questions. There’s a lot of helpful information here.”
Col. Lance Raney, commander, WAMC, said that events like this are important because no matter what services the hospital offers, a person’s health and wellness rests largely in their own hands.
“We have cutting-edge equipment and resources, but you’re the ones responsible for your health,” said Raney during his welcoming remarks. “You only get this one body and when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to take care of it. We’re here to help, but you have all the skin in the game.”
In addition to the health and wellness services offered by the providers and staff at WAMC, legal support, including advance directives and living wills, as well as identification card services were available at the Soldier Support Center.
There was also a shred truck and the Veterans Affairs mobile services van.
On Friday, the retirees had the opportunity to participate in a town hall meeting with the garrison commander, participate in a golf tournament and go bowling.
While staff are recovering tables and resuming normal operations, plans are already in the works for next year’s event. The date for next year will be announced in the newsletter retirees receive from Retirement Services.