North Carolina State Superintendent of Public Schools, Mark Johnson, visited Fort Bragg, Monday.
“I am on a listening tour of the entire state of North Carolina because there are some great pockets of innovation going on in schools all over the state and it doesn’t matter if it is North Carolina school or a Department of Defense school, I need to see what the great things going on are so we can scale them across the entire state,” said Johnson.
Johnson began the visit by meeting with the Garrison Commander, Col. Kyle Reed, and the Deputy Garrison Commander, Justin O. Mitchell to discuss education at Fort Bragg.
After lunch at the 2nd Brigade Combat Team Dining Facility, Johnson toured Fort Bragg’s 21st Century Design Concept Education Center at Kimberly Hampton Primary School.
Johnson and his team were greeted by first graders Millie Hudson and Emma Evans and welcomed to the facility by Principal Priscilla Joiner.
The cutting-edge educational facility focuses on project-based learning and accommodates students in pre-Kindergarten to first grade.
Johnson said he was excited to see project-based learning actioned on such a large scale.
“I actually have a preschool aged child myself and in her pre-K class she is doing project-based learning … you see that starts off so simple but can get so complex and really teach problem solving and critical thinking,” explained Johnson. “It is very impressive to see that in action and so fully embraced, too, even down to the way the school is laid out. It is all about project-based learning.”
Johnson hopes to share the innovations and successes he encounters on his listening tour, such as those seen at KHPS, and bring them to schools across the state.
“If any district wants help in scaling those ideas we want to be a clearing house for those,” said Johnson. “We are going to go to the general assembly and share the great things we have seen, the transformative innovations in our schools and how we can scale those for other districts.”