The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security’s Headquarters facility has earned their third consecutive Green Boot certification making them — at seven years — the longest running certified organization on Fort Bragg.
“We work at sustainability in our building,” said Mike Deveault, program support specialist and DPTMS sustainability officer. “Even after seven years there can be questions on what would be the most sustainable option, but the important aspect is that we continue to ask that question and have continued to make the best choices.”
DPTMS Headquarters sets an exemplary standard for Green Boot certified facilities by providing new employee orientation on sustainability and the Green Boot program as well as discussing sustainable practices at staff meetings.
They also encourage DPTMS satellite locations, such as the DPTMS DA School and teletraining facilities, to seek certification as well.
Additional sustainable practices incorporated at DPTMS headquarters include a robust recycling program as well as their participation in the Recycling Incentives Program.
Other sustainable aspects of their daily operation include reducing energy usage by turning off lights, using power-saver settings or powering down equipment when appropriate or not in use and regularly scheduled air filter changes.
Water conservation, waste reduction and promotion of pollution prevention techniques are also implemented.
“Our office supply purchases for the facility is geared toward environmentally preferred products such as recycled content paper products,” said Jeff Cleary, contracting officer representative, quality assurance evaluator, and DPTMS Assistant sustainability officer. “We reuse file folders, print on both sides of a sheet of paper, and do not purchase Styrofoam products. These may seem simple, but these efforts add up.”
Cleary is keenly aware of the benefits of their sustainability practices.
“Our efforts not only save us and the installation money, it reduces the stress we put on our resources,” Cleary said. “By placing a priority on sustainable practices, we are doing our part to conserve energy and water, reduce waste by recycling — which provides material for reuse, and promoting a healthier environment for our community.”
Floyd Hudson Jr., DPTMS director takes great pride in the achievements of headquarters facility and other DPTMS Green Boot-certified facilities.
“As one of the very first directorates to earn certification under the Green Boot Program, my staff has consistently demonstrated their commitment to the tenets of the Fort Bragg sustainable community goal. Their actions demonstrate their dedication to the Department of the Army’s goal to operationalize sustainability throughout the Army,” Hudson said.
“Our work focus is readiness, safety and sustainability every day, but by going through the certification and recertification process — it shows we care. And the more you care, the more you are aware of the changes that are possible,” Deveault said.
The Green Boot Program provides an opportunity for Fort Bragg agencies to enhance their resource stewardship.
The goal of the program is to reduce environmental impact at a unit or directorate level through initiatives such as water conservation, energy conservation and recycling, ultimately securing Fort Bragg for future generations.
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