Sometimes, something created then is not so different now. The officer’s housing on Maynard Street near Pope Army Airfield began construction in the early 1930s.
The two-story homes originally housed senior officers on Maynard Street. Today the bungalows on Maynard Street house commissioned officers. All Family housing units were characterized by hollow tile masonry set on concrete foundations, with wood floors, painted stucco exteriors, tile roofs, small rear stoops/porches and basements.
The shed-roofed front porches were added to the Maynard Street homes in 1963. Two-car garages are shared by commissioned officers’ Families living in the two-story quarters on Maynard Street and most of the garages still function today as vehicle or personal storage buildings.
Although Maynard Street then and now look very different at a glance, Maynard Street was built to house military leaders and their Families and continues to do so today.

(Editor’s note: Relevant information for this article was sourced from a 1990 application to place the Pope Air Force Base Depression-Era Cantonment, or Pope Air Force Base Historic District, on the National Register of Historic Places).