The Fort Bragg Religious Support Office is acting as a conduit of holiday goodwill by distributing food vouchers to the Families of Soldiers who could use a little help this holiday season.
“When Soldiers are able to enjoy the holiday, it promotes Soldier readiness and combat readiness. When they can enjoy a meal with their Family it supports readiness,” explained Lt. Col. (Chaplain) Celestine Robb, deputy garrison chaplain at Fort Bragg. “What we do is we provide 960, $50 food vouchers to all Soldiers and airmen across Fort Bragg to ensure that they have a festive Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah.”
This year, for Thanksgiving, the RSO and the South Post Commissary also provided 29 Families with a full turkey dinner which included a fully cooked turkey, a choice of potato dish, cornbread stuffing, gravy and 12 dinner rolls.
Eleven of these meals are still available to help feed Families through the remaining holiday season.
“The focus is for those Families who we think may be financially challenged, so to help them,” explained Robb.
Priority for distribution of vouchers will be given to Families of Soldiers with a rank of E-1 to E-4 who are married and/or single parents who are E-1 to E-5, second priority will go to Families of Soldiers who are E-5 to E-6 and married and/or E-6 to E-7 single parents.
Should vouchers still be available beyond those falling under first and second priorities, Families of Soldiers E-7, O-1 to O-2 married and/or single parents of the rank of E-8 may be offered vouchers.
Any Soldier falling into all three priority categories or any person aware of a Soldier meeting those criteria whose Family is in need is invited to reach out to their unit chaplain.
Should a Soldier in need not be a part of a unit with a unit ministry team, they are encouraged to reach out directly to the RSO at 396-1121 to request help or nominate a Family in need. Inquiries regarding or nominations for holiday food vouchers may be made until Jan. 5, 2018.