Training and nutrition create a solid foundation for a ready, resilient Warfighter, but many Soldiers don’t know how to establish this important baseline.
To help remedy this, the XVIII Airborne Corps recently brought John Welbourn and his Power Athlete team to the installation for a seminar. Welbourn, a 10-year NFL veteran, developed the Power Athlete curriculum after years of working with the world’s best coaches, trainers and nutritionists.
Several dozen Soldiers from across the XVIII Abn. Corps participated in the two-day seminar, which included guidance on nutrition and proper movement patterns for both exercise and real-world scenarios.
During the nutrition lecture, Welbourn advised Soldiers to eat when they are hungry and avoid large meals before bed. He provided recommendations on the nutrients required to get a service member through their day, while dispelling some popular rumors about protein.
“Anybody that tells you that you don’t need to eat protein to gain or maintain muscle mass is insane,” Welbourn said.
Participants said they appreciated this guidance and the structure of the seminar.
“It is robust, and it’s well-rounded. I think it’s perfect because so far they’re talking about us as Soldiers like an athlete … we have (specific needs) to be healthy, proficient, and ready and on the go to be able to meet that mission for the Army,” explained Diana Petris, an XVIII Abn. Corps Soldier.
Welbourn said he understands these needs and specifically tailors the training to develop and foster athleticism.
“We want to make them better versions of themselves,” he said.
By focusing on how to perform basic movements well, Welbourn and his team can help Soldiers prevent injury when training in the gym or in the field.