ARLINGTON, Va. — Just when you think you’ve done what you can, that little voice says “do more.”
Wounded Warriors at the Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Bragg can definitely subscribe to that notion. For some, they were doing more with less.
The WTB partnered with Honor the Warriors, a non-profit veteran owned and operated organization that supports the mental and physical health of Warriors through activities designed to show them what they can do with support. HTW did not disappoint, taking the Soldiers for a cycling trip that encompassed all six domains of strength.
It was the first multi-day cycling event for the majority of the Fort Bragg WTB Soldiers who participated.
Capt. Jon Laton embraced the three day event that also took him on a trip down memory lane.
“I enjoyed my first cycling event with the WTB’s Adaptive Sports program. Riding down Tryon Street in downtown Charlotte and going by the building where I used to work brought back memories I enjoyed before I joined the Army,” he said.
Master Sgt. Jason Loveday also benefitted from the experience.
“I enjoyed the brotherhood and camaraderie riding alongside my WTB peers and local veterans who are going through their own battles while also encouraging those around them.”
Loveday says since being involved in the Adaptive Reconditioning Program he has finally started putting weight back on his frame.
He is now able to get back into hobbies that he really enjoys, like road cycling and mountain biking.
However, the enjoyment is outshone by the result of the therapy according to Loveday.
“On the bike, I don’t have as much pain and it has helped me fight through my depression.”
Capt. Laton highlighted some additional motivation to peddle through the course.
“It was fun to see the children’s support when visiting the local elementary and middle schools at rest stops. Also, the amazing North Carolina BBQ at the finish line on day two was a great reward for our efforts.”
The mission of Honor the Warriors is simple:

Encourage each and every person to live their lives with joy Have people define themselves not by what they can’t do, but by what they will do  Guide and mentor all they meet by encouraging and helping them to reach beyond their expectations. Now that’s a joy ride!