Want to eat healthier but can’t stay motivated?
Enter the nutritional nudge you need. Try adopting one healthier option each day of the week with this seven-day nutrition plan.
You can start whenever and wherever you are. Take your first healthy step today.
Day 1: Eat protein in the morning.
Start the day with a protein-rich breakfast. Options include eggs, turkey sausage and whole-wheat toast with peanut butter. If you have to eat on the run, stock up on protein-rich energy bars to grab on your way. On the Nutrition Label, look for at least 10 grams of protein, and limit saturated fat to 2.5 grams or less.
Day 2: Get your fill of veggies during lunch and dinner.
Eat a salad for lunch or dinner. Layer on the protein in the form of grilled lean meat, like chicken, pork tenderloin or seafood. If you’re in a pinch between meals, grab some carrot sticks, hummus and a can of veggie juice to fill you up.
Day 3: Cut out the bad fat.
When cooking your food or ordering out, try options that are low in fat. Look for words like grilled, roasted or seared. Avoid fried, breaded, or deep fried options. Try out your own grilling skills. Buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts and sauté them in garlic and olive oil on medium high for at least five minutes per side. Pro tip: check to make sure your chicken is cooked by cutting it open with a clean knife. If the inside is pink, it needs more cooking time.
Day 4: Sub in natural sweets for man-made ones.
Ditch the sugar today and try a healthy dessert like fresh fruit, a fruit and yogurt parfait or low-fat frozen yogurt. If you don’t have any fruit, make your treats really, really small. Try a fun-size piece of candy.
Day 5: Swap out your sugary drink.
Sodas, energy drinks and sports drinks sneak in a lot of sugar calories. You could lose up to 20 pounds a year by cutting out one sugary drink a day — alcohol counts too. Skip the sugary beverage today and try one of these three options instead:

Hot or iced tea, hold on the sugar, opt for a lemon Fizzy water Lemon water Day 6: BAM! Try cooking a meal at home.
Shock your friends and bring out your inner chef. Make a home cooked meal for a special someone, friend or roommate. Eat slowly and savor.
Day 7: Make it and freeze it.
Throw a simple slow cooker meal into the crockpot and freeze individual containers for the coming week.
Make healthy eating a habit and try one (or all) of these tips this week.