The Subsistence Supply Management Office and Warehouse, located off of Knox Street, received 18 pallets containing 36,000 half liter bottles of water from Old North Utility Services, Inc., on Sunday.
The bottles were donated by ONUS, who oversees the management of Fort Bragg’s utilities, as a response to a boil water notice put into place for Smith Lake on Saturday and for most of Fort Bragg on Sunday.
The concern was Fort Bragg Soldiers housed in barracks might be unable to boil water. OSUS is required after any four-hour period of complete water outage to provide water, but made the decision to go above and beyond for Fort Bragg Soldiers during the boil water advisory.
“In order to promote the health and welfare of the Soldiers, they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart,” said Emily Stewart, water and wastewater utilities privatization coordinator, DPW.
The SSMO is a 51,000 square foot state of the art facility that manages field rations and supports the garrison dining facilities. They typically only support water for deployments; without the donation, this would not have been a need they would have met.
“There is really not a whole lot to what we are doing here, but we are helping the Soldiers and the community for sure,” said James Ramey, food program director, SSMO.
By 2 p.m. on Monday, approximately 15,000 bottles of water had been distributed to units at Fort Bragg.
“The chain of command was notified. The units came down here, sent a senior rep to draw, and they’re using their unit area as a distribution point,” explained Ramey.
This is not the first time that OSUS has taken extra measures to be sure that Fort Bragg has the water it needs. During a water main break this past summer, OSUS provided water for pick up stations across Fort Bragg.