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Q: A recent question was about a decline in bird population in a residential backyard. I have a theory to share. — P.A., Sanford

A: One consideration, P.A. says, could be a possibility of an increase in stray cats in the neighborhood.

P.A. says she’s a longtime bird feeder. “I've noticed that when there are a lot of strays or even when cat owners allow their cats to roam, there are just less birds willing to chance the feeder!”

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Q: A recent question was about Christian radio stations in the area. I have something to share — A.A., Fayetteville

A: Live Wire responded to a question earlier about what has happened with WCLN-FM 107.3 and WGQR-FM 105.7. Educational Media Foundation bought “Christian 107.3” from the Christian Listening Network, and Grander Vision Media purchased “Christian 105.7” from CLN.

We also mentioned Southern gospel being available on WSTS-FM 100.9 and WCKB-AM 780.

A.A. suggests WYBH-FM 91.1, noting it has “excellent preaching, teaching and conservative Christian music 24 hours a day with no commercial interruptions.”

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