The Army Community Service’s Family Advocacy Program has formed a new class called “Active Parenting of Teens.”
The class is designed to assist parents with many obstacles they may encounter while raising a teenager. Many issues such as drugs, sexuality, bullying, social media, etc . can become frustrating to a parent, and if not addressed properly can lead to difficult behavior.
On Feb. 1, FAP, at the Soldier Support Center on the third floor, offers two sessions for Department of Defense card holders and their Families.
There are two different sessions that can be attended, one in the morning — time varies — and the other in the afternoon from 1 to 4 p.m. This program not only focuses on how to overcome any challenges parents might face with their child(ren), but is also designed to encourage parents and offer a support system.
Instructors will provide parents with one-on-one interaction, PowerPoint presentations, DVDs and easy step-by-step videos scenarios. The course breaks down how to understand teenagers better, but also touches on better understanding teen brain development and the values taught to children.
“It’s a really good class, I like to teach it. I have been doing this for over a year and a half. It’s an awesome feeling to help teens and their parents”, said Nicolette Love, course instructor, FAP, ACS. “One of the things we talk about is how we encourage parents to understand that their teenager will be leaving the nest one day. Therefore, it (is) very important to instill in them good values that they will take with them such as meeting new friends, careers and finances.”
The program has helped many families, such as the Mendez Family. This family has a child who was having troubles with rebellion, sneaking out of the house and drinking. The parents of this troubled youth went to one of the classes in their area. You can read their story and other family stories similar at where you can also register to attend “Active Parenting of Teens” at no cost.
When it comes to understanding teenagers, there are tools and resources that can help better prepare a parent for many challenges that may occur.
For more information call 396-5521.