Every Army installation command publishes a list of off-limits establishments comprised of locations recommended off-limits by the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board.
Soldiers should be aware of the AFDCB, the off-limits establishments list, and the consequences of visiting those locations.
The AFDCB is a board comprised of representatives from a number of interested offices at Fort Bragg. The board meets four times each year to review current off-limits establishments and recommend any others that should be added to the list.
A business or location may be considered by the board if there is evidence of conditions that would negatively affect the health and well-being of service members or their Families.
Examples of such conditions include: prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, unfair commercial or consumer practices and other undesirable conditions deemed unsafe.
The purpose of the off-limits list is not to limit service members and their Families, but to protect them from dangerous conditions, criminal activity and businesses that seek to take advantage of Soldiers.
Ultimately, recommendations made by the AFDCB are reviewed and implemented at the discretion of the installation commander.
Service members are prohibited from entering establishments or areas declared off-limits.
Violations may subject the service member to disciplinary action per applicable Service regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
The off-limits establishment list is a product of Army Regulation 190-24, which means service members may be charged with failure to obey a regulation if they visit an off-limits location.
This violation can include the following punishments: dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, up to two years of confinement and total forfeiture of pay.
Not knowing the regulation is not a defense to this crime. It is expected that service members know and abide by all Army Regulations. Remember, businesses are off-limits to protect service members from dangerous conditions and unfair business practices.
Dependents and others associated with the Service or installation should also be made aware of off-limits restrictions.
Dependents and non-military personnel are not subject to the UCMJ, but should still avoid these locations. Remember, these establishments have been declared off-limits for reasons ranging from criminal activity to unfair commercial practices.
Generally, the off-limits establishments list is available with each unit’s administrative office. The list is also available online and is updated annually under the “Policy Letters” section of the XVIII Airborne Corps website.
Fort Bragg’s current list of off-limits establishments is listed in the infobox.
For more information regarding off-limits establishments you can visit the XVIII Airborne Corps Legal Assistance Office on the first floor of the Soldier Support Center.

Current off-limits establishments at Fort Bragg:

All unlicensed tattoo parlors Alternative Learning  Asian Odyssey  BJs Smoke Shop Brooks Property — pool on McArthur Bridge Road, Spring Lake Club 910, also known as City Limits Drug paraphernalia including spice, bath salts and other synthetic drugs Executive Club Exquisite Construction Fort Video and News Adult Entertainment Center Hebrew Boys also known as Capital Consortium Group I & J Investments J & J Fast Mart Gas Station J & J Investments Modern News and Video Center Pavilion also known as Club 301 Pearl Necklace Rage of Fayetteville also known as Smokey’s Pipe Shop R’s Gems and Rocks and Smoke Shop also known as Bearfoots Roses Lounge also known as Boogie Room Showgirls Private Exotic Dancers  #1 Tobacco