550th Area Support Medical Company, 261st Medical Battalion, 44th Medical Brigade, lost a tent to high winds on Pike Field, while conducting a platoon field exercise, Jan. 23.
“Its not a common thing its one of those perfect storms,” said Staff Sgt. Adam Parnell, treatment platoon sergeant, 550th Area Support Med. Co. 261st Med. Batt., 44th Med. Bde. “The wind came in and caught it just right.”
The training that was underway was designed to simulate a variety of medical scenarios .
“I am part of a treatment platoon. We would simulate some casualties and work with our table teams to get to know them,” said Spc. Timothy Ganoe, a medic with 550th Area Support Med. Co. 261st Med. Batt., 44th Med. Bde.
“If we work out all the quirks we have now, then when we go down range, we are good to go,” explained Ganoe.
The tent that was destroyed by the wind was being used as a notional patient hold tent. The wind caught the tent at approximately 3 a.m.
“I was inside the tent when it flew away. It was three of us in there. One guy was awake at the time and just started yelling and I opened my eyes and the tent was flying away” said Sgt. Caleb Ehrich, 550th Area Support Med. Co. 261st Med. Batt. , 44th Med. Bde.
Although the tent that flew away was a broken, the Soldiers quickly erected an older model general purpose medium tent and carried on with their training.
“We had to go with the 3 foot wooden stakes,” said Parnell.