Almost all of us have been affected by divorce, whether you have gone through one yourself, your parents or supported your siblings or friends through one.
There are changes in living situations, overwhelming emotions, financial stressors and so much more.
There is nothing simple about divorce — it is difficult. It is stressful on the couple, the children, if there are any, friends and the couples’ extended Family. It is a huge life transition and one in which many people do not reach out for help.
The first thing to know is that you are not alone. Many people in your community are going through the same thing and are at different stages in the divorce process.
Isolation is common for many people going through a divorce. Their partner may have been the reason they moved here and/or may have been the only person they know in the area.
Being around people, whether friends, co-workers, neighbors or even joining a divorce support group will be helpful to lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness.
Fort Bragg Army Community Service has many resources to assist in this life transition.
The XVIII Airborne Corps and 82nd Airborne Division Staff Judge Advocate offices provide separation/divorce briefings to service members and their spouses.
The XVIII Abn. Corps office is located at the Soldier Support Center, 1st floor and the 82nd Airborne Division office is located at Gavin Hall in Room 201.
Briefings are held at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Thursdays at both locations; no registration is required.
The North Carolina Bar Association has a lawyer referral service that can be contacted at 1-800-662-7660.
Talk to your unit chaplain as she/he can be a great resource and support during this tough time.
The Watters Center for Family Life offers marriage and Family pastoral counseling and can be contacted at 396-6564.
The military Family life counselors offer short-term counseling, they don’t ask for names and don’t take notes. Call 391-9171 to make an appointment.
Family Member Behavioral Health offers counseling to service members, Family members or couples when there are marital issues.
Walk-in hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The contact number is 907-7869. They are located at Building 4-3219, near All American side of Womack Army Medical Center, on the 1st floor.
Military One Source is another option that offers free counseling sessions which can be completed face to face or over the telephone. Contact 1-800-342-9647 or
Army Community Service offers Co-Parenting Children of Divorce and Custody classes as well as Anger and Stress Management classes. Call 396-5521 for more information.
The Financial Readiness Program offers one-on-one personal financial counseling with accredited financial counselors as well as educational classes on all aspects of finances.
Call 396-2507 or 907-3670 for more information.
New Parent Support Program is another resource for Families with children 36 months or younger.
They provide home visitation services as well as several classes, like New Mother Fitness Program, which not only help parents with learning how to take care of baby and themselves, but also helps parents connect with others.
The one thing to remember is that although you feel all alone, you are not. You just need to reach out for help.