Construction on Interstate 295, also known as the Fayetteville Outer Loop, has become commonplace for the residents of the Fort Bragg area.
In August of 2016, 6.5 miles of the loop from Interstate 95 to All American Freeway opened, allowing for easier access to the interstate from Fort Bragg. The closure of Bragg Boulevard through the installation was another part of the project to help control the flow of traffic in and around Fayetteville.
Over the last few weeks, another section of I-295 became available to motorists. A new entrance to the South Commissary and Post Exchange has changed the traffic pattern, which will become easier to navigate as construction in the area is completed.
Ray Goff, Fort Bragg minister of transportation, says the estimated finish date for the section of I-295 from All American Freeway to Cliffdale Road is October 2018.
“The other two sections, which ultimately connect I-95 to Robeson County will begin this year with a completion date of 2022,” he said.
In the coming months, two new access control points will be built on Reilly Road and on a reconfigured Canopy Lane. These ACPs will be completed with the help of engineers from the 20th Engineer Brigade.
The goal of the Outer Loop is to connect and improve access of Fort Bragg and the surrounding communities to I-95. The hope is this stretch of road will also help to ease congestion at Fort Bragg access control points.