“Readiness is number one, and there is no other number one,” the 39th Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Mark Milley, wrote in his initial message to the Army. Readiness remains the Chief of Staff’s number one priority.
A large part of readiness is the ability of S1 and G1 sections to organize, maintain and assist Soldiers with administrative needs and units’ deployment requirements. The Army created Human Resource Operations Centers to help meet the personnel aspect of Gen. Milley’s number one priority.
The XVIII Airborne Corps HROC’s mission is to provide XVIII Abn. Corps units with the human resources technical expertise, analysis, assessment, training and assistance in support of the execution and management of operational and tactical HR support. The HROC provides operational training and technical guidance to division/brigade/battalion S1s.
The HROC also develops and implements systems that can be used at the lowest level to empower S1 shops and lighten the load for commanders. HROC provides summarized data and tools, which reflect readiness and human resources efficiency within their formation.
The corps HROC provides HR training to support garrison, deployment and contingency operations. A big avenue through which they facilitate that training is through a quarterly Human Resources University conducted at Fort Bragg.
The HR University is a five-day structured course designed to enhance HR leader’s and Soldiers’ technical skills, and current HR policy and HR systems knowledge in order to improve critical HR task execution and ultimately improve personnel readiness within the Corps.
In addition to classes on all the basic level S1 functions, such as awards, evaluations, promotions, etc., the course has classes to teach HR Soldiers to better understand the readiness of their organizations. These classes teach the use of HR metrics and understanding and managing the non-deployable population within their units. The HROC also teaches students to utilize the myriad of HR systems available to them and how S1s can use the systems to manage their unit’s readiness.
Soldiers graduate HR University with a more thorough understanding of their jobs and how it impacts readiness and the organization as a whole. This training is held at various facilities around the installation.
Commanders and HR leaders don’t have to wait to enroll Soldiers and civilians in HR University to take advantage of the skills and expertise that the HROC has to offer. The HROC team is available to schedule Staff Assistance Visits and HR training for brigade and battalion S1 sections whenever is convenient for the requesting organization.
To participate in the HROC, units should contact the XVIII Abn. Corps HROC G1 team at 432-4731, 396-7316, or 396-2064.