Dating or being married in a technology-based generation can be very challenging. It can be even more difficult when you add social media into the relationship mix. As the use of social media grows year by year, issues between couples also increase.
Partners can become addicted and over-use social media or someone could be tempted to use social media to be unfaithful.
Research gathered by the Pew Research Center suggests at least 24 percent of individuals think technology has either a negative or less-than-positive impact on their relationships.
Many couples who have healthy relationships are on social media with no problems. Yet some couples let social media become an issue between them, which can lead to having an unhealthy relationship.
This can be due to the lack of communication or respect that one partner has for another.
We have all heard stories of couples arguing over “certain pictures” that were liked, inappropriate direct messages or comments made to another person. On occasion, people may have issues when a significant other doesn’t post a picture to their social media. A spouse may be spending too much time on social media and not giving their partner any attention.
The list of issues that couples might have with social media can be lengthy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to having a healthy relationship is to not let any of these social sites ruin the chemistry or dynamic a couple shares.
Everybody has a different preference on how to use the internet’s social tools, but when dating/married, you have to have an understanding of your partner and their preferences regarding social media.
Sit down with your partner and speak with them to make sure that you are on the same page and agree to the same terms.
Have an in-depth conversation and cover all areas. Acknowledge possible issues from liking to commenting on pictures — especially when it involves the opposite sex. If all the bases are covered, this should leave little room for arguments over social media.
If you feel a partner is becoming addicted and is not giving you the attention you need, let them know. Sometimes, a partner may acknowledge that they are on social media too much, and not giving their partner quality time when they are alone.
A relationship will always have ups and downs, but obstacles with social media can be overcome,challenged and decreased when they arise in a relationship.