Nearly 2,000 Soldiers at Fort Bragg could have their Basic Allowance for Housing reduced on March 1, if they don’t properly update their personnel files with the key supporting documents that demonstrate they qualify for the benefit.
The Department of the Army released an All Army Activity on Jan. 2, directing Soldiers who do not have the key supporting documents in their personnel file to have their BAH rate reduced from the with dependent rate to the without dependent rate.
Key supporting documents prove a Soldier has dependents such as a dependent child birth certificate or a marriage certificate.
It also includes child support agreements, divorce decrees, and secondary dependency approvals.
The amount of BAH a Soldier receives is based on paygrade, duty station zip code and whether the qualifying Soldier has dependents. The current rate for an E-4 with dependents at Fort Bragg is $1,107 and the without dependents rate is $897; a loss of $207 every month if the documents are not properly uploaded.
Unit S1s have the list of Soldiers who are missing the key supporting documents. Soldiers should check with their S1s to ensure they are not missing documents.
S1s will upload the documents to the Soldier’s personnel file and will annotate the document with the word “Audit” in the top right corner to ensure the documents are processed quickly.