When Fort Bragg barracks need maintenance, the demand for maintenance order is designated either a priority one or priority two.
According to Aaron Brown, division chief, Operations and Maintenance Division, installation Directorate of Public Works, the priority one designation means that repairs are completed within 24 hours.
A priority two designation means that the repairs are completed within seven days.
If an entire facility is without HVAC, then it is a priority one DMO; a wing, floor or single room requires priority two.
Barracks maintenance includes responsibilities such as taking care of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and lighting needs, said Brown. Staff also ensures that windows and doors are operational and that screens are replaced as needed.
Taking care of the barracks is not unlike taking care of a home.
“Most of the standard things that you would have as issues in your house, you have in the barracks,” Brown explained.
But DPW work is not without importance.
“We’re supporting the Soldiers — that’s why we are here on the installation,” Brown said.
The work also reinforces the installation’s overall goal of managing its infrastructure and equipment resources.
Technicians perform preventive maintenance duties such as changing filters on main equipment quarterly, routinely cleaning big chillers — barracks cooling systems — and checking belts and sensors to make sure equipment works properly, said Brown.
Maintenance isn’t solely the responsiblity of DPW, however. The Army Barracks Management Program defines unit leadership responsibility for day to day barracks management and allows units to decentralize barracks management down to the company level.
The garrison can also help maintain barracks by performing installation status reports and training, mentoring and partnering with unit leaders. A goal of the ABMP is to help maintain the barracks as effectively as possible.
The units’ roles in helping to maintain the barracks are:
Maintaining good order and discipline.
Identifying and reporting maintenance and repair issues to DPW in a timely manner.
Executing room assignments and terminations procedures and inspections.
Enforcing Soldier accountability for loss and damages.
Key and lock management and control.
Maintaining the common areas and the grounds.
Soldiers are encouraged to clean up after themselves and store items in a proper manner. In the past, Soldiers have kept motorcycles in their barracks rooms, failed to clean after themselves and neglected to report repair or maintenance issues. In one case, a Soldier stored a kayak in their room, displacing a ceiling tile in the process.
In addition, DPW offers a repair and upgrade class twice monthly to teach Soldiers how to help care of their individual rooms, added Brown.
For more information about the class or barracks maintenance concerns, call 396-0321 or visit https://www.bragg.army.mil/index.php/about/garrison/directorate-public-works.