The 18th Field Artillery Brigade, XVIII Airborne Corps, hosted “Contributions to Winning the Nation’s Wars,” a Black History month observance held in the Noncommissioned Officer Academy auditorium with guest speaker Ricky Davis, principal and CEO, RICE Security and Consulting, LLC. Feb. 21.
Davis is a distinguished Army veteran, an executive and advocate for the security industry.
“I feel like much of my success after the military is due to the training I received, seeing that my life story has all the elements of surviving, struggles and success as an African American,” said Davis.
Davis discussed his 25 years in the military, the training he received that helped him have favorable outcomes and the individuals who effected his life while serving.
Throughout his speech, he described many African Americans who contributed to our American history, from the Buffalo Soldiers, Colin Powell, Walter Morris of the Triple Nickles to Lt. Cmdr. Brenda E. Robinson. Now a retired veteran, Robinson was the first black female U.S. Navy pilot.
“I called Lt. Cmdr. Brenda E. Robinson to tell her that I would be highlighting her in my speech today. During our conversation, she stopped me and said ‘Davis do not forget to make sure to recognize many of those who paved the way for us. Not just military but also our political leaders as well,’ she told me.”
At the end of the ceremony, Davis was awarded with an Iron Mike statue in appreciation for his participation. Once the event ended, people gathered in the lobby to explore paintings, pictures and food of African American History.