Married couples who go on frequent dates have higher success rates in categories such as happiness, commitment, communication, parenthood stability and community integration, according to National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.
We have all been there: so caught up in our daily life routines that we sometimes neglect our spouse. In the midst of work, kids, school activities and events, shopping, etc. activities and responsibilities keep parents on the go.
With both partners working the energy level can be a great decline by the time both individuals finish the day.
Being married is already a hard task. Add children to the mix and the complications only increase. Marriages can be subject to ruin off the lack of attention, affection, sex, money or misunderstanding one another.
With many of these factors, one simple solution can help keep a marriage strong and healthy, which is (date night).
Both parties have a simple task they must commit to in order for this to work: have a date night each week!
I know putting on your PJ’s once you get home can be so convenient, but take some of the energy you have left and slip on something nice for both of you enjoy your night together.
Date nights make a difference. I have learned from experience the intentional pursuit of my partner is worth the effort.
Remind yourself your marriage is worth it and your family is worth it.
The extra 30 minutes of alone conversation or gazing into each other’s eyes can rekindle sparks in the relationship.

I came across some statistics in a recent Redbook magazine on how women view date night. Here are a few: 23% of women said date night is about romance 59% said date night is about getting back on the same page 62% of women said they always dress up a little for date night 50% say the number one reason date night gets canceled is they are too tired to go out Date night does not have to consist of going out every week. Other options can be dinner in house, sitting on the porch drinking coffee together, a simple card game or a movie night together eating popcorn.
The goal is for you and your partner to be alone and have quality time together. Dating your spouse can be beneficial in many ways.
It keeps the romance alive, lets your spouse know they are a priority to you, keeps the marriage fresh and it models healthy relationships to your children.
There are many benefits to dating, but both parties have to commit to it in order for dating weekly to be successful.