Provost Marshal’s Corner is a community policing initiative to keep you informed of monthly criminal and negligent activities affecting our community. To report a crime in progress, dial 911. Anyone with information regarding the crimes listed below, please contact Crime Stoppers at 396-EYES (3937).
Provost Marshal Messaging:
The Provost Marshal Office would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to remain vigilant in and around the Fort Bragg community. This time of year is when the installation starts seeing an increase in motorcycle and trailer thefts leading into Bike Week in May.
Take extra precautions when leaving motorcycles unattended; park in well-lit areas or in garages. Store trailers in secured storage areas with hitch locks.
Please make yourselves and your property a harder target. If you are a victim of a theft, we ask you to call 911 immediately and be able to provide a detailed description of your item and provide any serial or vehicle identification numbers.
Driver Improvement Training Initiative:
In accordance with the Garrison Commander’s directive, dated Sept. 1, 2016, all drivers’ cited for the following will be enrolled in DIT:

Speed in excess of 15 miles per hour Traffic accident resulting in an injury or tow Failure to obey a traffic control device (to include individuals directing traffic) For the month of February, 103 Soldiers have been cited DIT related violations. Currently 473 DIT cited drivers have their on-post driving privileges suspended for one year or longer.
Remember to remain vigilant and obey the posted speed limits and traffic control devices on Fort Bragg.
Top 10 Crime Statistics:
For the Month of Feb., the Fort Bragg community has experienced a change in the following criminal and negligible offenses:

Larceny of Private Property: 12 total, decreased two from last month.  Larceny of Government Property: 12 total, decreased 8 from last month. Impaired Driving: 29 total, decreased one from last month.  Domestic incidents: 23 total, decreased six from last month  Assaults (Non-domestic): 15 total, increased six from last month.  Traffic Accidents (Roadway): 86 total, decreased by 27 from last month. Traffic Accidents (Parking Lot): 61 total, increased six from last month. Speeding more than 80 miles per hour: 21 total, decreased 16 from last month. Speeding less than 80 miles per hour: 215 total, decreased 183 from last month. AWOLs/Desertions: 18 AWOLs and five desertions reported.